Christina Cahute Secretary National Executive


Secretary, UNF National Executive

Born and raised in Toronto, Ontario to immigrant parents, Chrystyna – or Binka – as she is known in the Community has always taken active roles within the UNF and AO. Some of her previous roles include Past President of UWOC Toronto Branch, Recording Secretary UWOC Toronto Branch, and currently not only Secretary of the NE, but also of UNF Toronto Branch.

Professionally, Chrystyna has spent 40 years in the General Insurance Industry. She has worked within the Companies as an Underwriter, but the bulk of her career has been spent as an Insurance Broker assisting in placing Insurance for Commercial, Industrial and Personal needs.

Chrystyna raised 2 sons, both now married and enjoys her new role as a Grandmother to her adored grandchildren. For the past 8 years, Chrystyna has been married to Ron Cahute and eases any stress by laughing a lot with her husband…