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  • The Ukrainian National Federation of CanadaAffiliate Branches: UNF

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  • Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Ottawa-Gatineau branch was revived in 2010 with Paul Migus elected to serve as its first President. It organizes various events, activities, and initiatives to support the Ukrainian community in Canada and promote its common interests.


Meet the 2019 UNF Ottawa-Gatineau Executive

  • President – Anatoliy Shatkovskyy
  • Vice-president (UCC Rep) – Simon Sulyma (not pictured)
  • Secretary (Chief Fundraising Officer) – Katie Wyslocky
  • Treasurer – Oleksandr Girsa
  • Membership Officer – Pavlo Kucher
  • Student Liaison – Maria Nevoit
  • Member-At-Large – Paul Migus
2019 UNF Ottawa-Gatineau Executive

About UNF

The Ukrainian National Federation is based across Canada and endeavors to unite all Ukrainian Canadians.

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